Purchasing through BuyBoard

We’ve been a BuyBoard Vendor since 2009, offering technology & telecommunications equipment, software and supplies.

What is BuyBoard?

The BuyBoard was created by the Local Government Purchasing Cooperative (managed by Texas Association of School Boards) to relieve the burdens of governmental purchasing with an electronic purchasing system.

Who can use BuyBoard?

The BuyBoard is available for members only. Membership is free and open to all local governments, nonprofits, and other political subdivisions of the state of Texas. Texas school districts must be a member of TASB to participate.

Why use BuyBoard?

Buy from Solid Border using BuyBoard and you can trust our products and services have been awarded a recommendation by the Cooperative, as outlined by state statute.

How do I use BuyBoard?

How easy is it to get a quote? Just create a request for the item you want within BuyBoard, select Solid Border as a Vendor, and we’ll get you a price quote right away.