Everyone has different goals, different levels of knowledge and different time constraints. Get your network or firewall set up, or find ways to improve your network security and traffic flow.

Your Firewall

Give your firewall a check-up

Get recommendations on how to improve your firewall policy set and firmware. Find out if you're applying a security policy in the wrong direction or if any of your policies are misconfigured.

Setup your new firewall

For the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation firewall, installation services can be remote or in person, depending on your needs. Beforehand, everything is updated for you - rules are moved, as well as VPN tunnels and client VPNs.


Get the rules from your current firewall moved over to your new Palo Alto Network Next-Generation firewall.


Get advice on how to manage your firewall well. Or, if you prefer, a managed services company can be recommended to you.

Your Network

Find holes in your network

Vulnerability testing scans your network or application and finds where you are vulnerable to attack. Results are ranked by risk, so you can best decide what to tackle first. Solutions may include security patches or inserting new security devices.

See proof that you're exploitable

Penetration testing is the next step after vulnerability testing. It's time to go inside your network and try to take over systems, now that the unlocked doors on your network have been found. The resulting report tells you what is definitely exploitable on your network - the proof that it really can happen.